How to deal with physical suffering?


Sometimes when I concentrate on the (conceptual) breath, I end up having pain in my ribs making me stop meditating.

How to deal with this please? Some say you can change your position (Pannananda). Others say you should try not to pay attention to it and stay focused on the breath (Snyder & Rasmussen). Do you know what Pa-Auk Sayadaw advises? I understand he warns against overexertion, but are there any other tips?

Thanks in advance

You can try meditation with your eyes open if you have pain. Breath can give physical problems for those who unconsciously control their breathing. You can also try another object like 32 parts or metta or kasina. There are 40 subjects.

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Thank you very much!

In that case, I will meditate on the painful feeling. When I have physical pain, if it is still bearable, I will reflect as such: “pain, pain.” It makes me feel better and more bearable.

I will add on: “This is originated from the body. Such is the painful state. This is not me, not mine, not my self.”