How fortunate we are to have faith

We are extremely fortunate to have faith.
I live in one of the most secular countries in the world, and among the non-thais in my sangha this is very noticeable. It used to bother me how the westerners were lacking in faith. They come to the monastery to meditate, but do not seem very keen on doing “the other stuff”. Some I feel do not seem very interested in learning about the Buddha-dhamma either. It used to annoy me because when someone is lacking in faith they generally are not very respectful towards the tradition. The Buddha and the lineage of teachers are not truly seen as fully awakened (because if they were, there would be no reason to be so skeptical of their teaching).

But what I have come to realize is that what we are seeing with (some) secular Buddhists is just people suffering. People have come to the Buddha-sanasa for refuge, but they cannot get themselves to do it. Some people sit for hours every day and strive so hard in meditation, but they find themselves incapable of surrendering. Trying to get rid of defilements, but the defilement of doubt is so strong they can not recognize it is just a defilement. Instead we see people trying to argue and justify all sorts of nonsense, not on behalf of reason, but to gratify the defilement of doubt. I think we need to be extremely patient and compassionate towards secular-minded practitioners. Their predicament is very difficult. Faithful practitioners too have a lot of defilements, and we are in danger of getting attached to the tradition in unskillful ways. But if you have faith, you should consider yourself very lucky.

Hi thank you and sadhu for this reflective post! The sentiment is beautifully expressed. …

The Kalama sutta has been twisted in disgusting way by these western guys…goodness…they basically using Buddha words against his teaching…they dont understand what kind of karma they are creating for themselves.

Can I ask you some questions as a curious outsider to Buddhism? I am an American and have been not only a Christian but a missionary. As such I’m certain that my perspective may be tainted with privilege or some cultural, religious, or other myopia. However, I find myself having at the end of a journey of 5 years or so of agnostic Christianity recently rejected Christianity entirely due to its total lack of ability to address and deal with evil or suffering. I have found Atheism appealing because it feels honest. It theoretically rejects anything not proved through evidence. Having been a man of faith my entire life, though, it also feels hollow and equally unable to address suffering. This has recently (this week) led me to discover Buddhism and it’s promise to actually address suffering but also “Secular Buddhism.” It’s apologists do claim that one does not have to “believe” in anything supernatural to practice Buddhism. I’m beginning to doubt that claim though since if it were true, why would Buddhists be rejecting Secular Buddhism as a distortion. Now I still find myself wanting to do whatever it takes to address suffering, without causing suffering by coming to Buddhism with arrogance / trying to create some personal bespoke philosophy / religion. How do I find a teacher that I can trust / put my “faith” in?

My opinion the whole problem about this is that Buddhism propagated in the media to attract the wrong crowd…people who does not want faith or religion or supernatural you name it…they are athiest looking to advance their mental health by meditation

This is huge problem, as its create misconception and if it’s still goes unchecked…it might in the future influence Buddhism in Asia…that’s big no no…because Buddhism in Asia still genuin…it shouldnt be like in the west so the Dharma wont be lost

The thing is asian buddhist must correct how buddhism portrayed in the media…so buddhism can attract the right crowd…instead of getting the wrong

No joke…I have seen exmuslim who supposedly converted to buddhism…he took drugs and got addicted and shaved his head…people think he is hippie mental buddhist…the Egyptian muslims…they have huge misconception on buddhism…and think drugs, meditation, buddhism goes along perfectly Any way…my opinion asian Buddhists should spread more through the internet genuin buddhism in english not just in their own language…we are in desperate need for traditional authentic buddhism in english…so media deceptions can be exposed just like what muslims have done…in case you dont know, I have mention before I am exmuslim and quit aware what muslims is doing…I really think Buddhists should learn from muslim (do not misunderstood this thinking I advocate islam) I mean just in the way they preserve the islamic traditions.

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I have faith towards the Triple Gems because in many ways, my family experienced something bad that is unable to explain but warded off by the power of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

Buddha Sasana is also known as Anatta Sasana. Only a Buddha can explain about anatta to laypeople until we understand. Among innumerable human beings, only THREE Buddhas appeared. The next Buddha will appear on this earth in several assemkheyya years. And then no more such Awaken Being will appear again on this earth, and the next 100,000 earths.

We’re indeed lucky.

Once Buddhism existed in ancient Egypt too, although not significant in size. The current state of Egypt does not allow Buddhism.

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Three Buddhas?

I thought in this baddakappa, there were four Sammasambuddhas appeared: Kakusandha Sammasambuddha, Konagamana Sammasambuddha, Kassapa Sammasambuddha, and Gotama Sammasambuddha. One more yet to come in this kappa: Metteyya Sammasambuddha.

And actually there were incalculable numbers of Sammasambuddhas in the past. And there will be still incalculable numbers of Sammasambuddhas in the future too.


Yes, good reminder.


Rare it is to have the human rebirth, even rarer it is to live in a time where the Supreme Dhamma exists, even rarer still it is to have true faith in the Dhamma. Make every moment of this precious life count.