¡Hola from Las Vegas!

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Hello from the infamous Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!

I mostly resonate with EBT Buddhism, but have found on many doctrinal issues, that I side more with the Classical Theravada, lately.


Great to see you here David!
For those who don’t know him, David is very active in Dhamma, and is the owner of Dhammawheel forum.
He has a beautiful small temple in rhe backyard of his home in Vegas and invites Buddhist luminaries from time to time.

It is very gratifying to see you leaning toward the orthodox view David - I have noticed that trend with your posts over the last couple of years.


Welcome! Don’t fret about how you used to identify or identify now. Much like the rest of existence, things have changed, change, and will change over time. Including yours, mine and all of our views.


We believe it as getting matured.

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Can you share the items and reasons for the change ?
It might be useful in our mission.

Hi Bhante,
I’d say I’m still mostly EBT but find myself at odds with some of the modernists over things like rebirth, DO being 3 lifetimes, not just 1 life, and the doctrine of the development of the paramitas.

The modernists and most EBT people for some reason have a problem with the idea that a samma-sam-buddha develops the paramitas over many lifetimes. I think it makes perfect sense. A samma-sam-buddha is an extremely rare being and makes total sense that he would develop all the paramitas over many lifetimes; certainly not all in just one lifetime!


It will at least cover Kammassakatāñāṇa Sammādiṭṭhi !

“Kamma-believers are rare in this world”.

I guess this happens due to the past kamma, habits of long samsara and childhood cultural conditioning of them.

The people who used not to believe Rebirth can hardly accept such a long samsaric process.

One certainly needs some degree of maturity to understand the hardness/difficulty of developing qualities.

Many meditators and monks have experienced that they are/were not capable of developing “at least a Single Virtue”, up to a successful level, in this very life. No need to say about becoming a “Perfectly Enlightened Being” with Omniscience.

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