Gocara - resort

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Gocara (Proper Resort)
Gocara is of three kinds: Upanissaya Gocara, the resort that serves as a powerful support for one’s moral developments; Ārakkha Gocara , the resort that serves as a guardian of the mind, and Upanibandha Gocara , the resort that serves as an anchor of the mind.

A good friend who always uses the ten kinds of right speech conducive to liberation from saṃsāra is called Upanissaya Gocara . By depending upon such a friend, he hears the Dhamma which is unheard of before, dispels doubts. rectifies his views, gains clearness of mind. In addition to these benefits, he grows in faith, morality, learning, generosity and wisdom. Hence that good friend is the Upanissaya Gocara, the powerful support for developing wholesome qualities, such as morality, etc