Garuda aka Supanna: A demigod?

I have read Vidhurapandita Jataka and Pandaraka Jataka, it seems both King of Naga and King of Supanna (or Garuda) can interact with each other face-to-face without violence and hatred, and they both also capable of developing excellent virtues (eg: forbearance and self restraint).

As Naga (mystic dragons) are classified a Catumaharajikā Deva under the command of Virupakkha Devaraja, what about Garudas (Supannas) ? Are they under the command of the Catumaharajikā Kings too? Or they are a separate entity by their own?

I tried to find such info in the Suttas but not much…only noticed that in Mahasamaya Sutta, it was written that Garudas taken refuge in Gotama Buddha.

f5481b1a609210aa1cb27b3b57897e5f They resembled birds of prey a lot…

And are they demigods or belong to Tiracchana (animal) realm ?

Catumaharajikā literally means the four great kings. There are four kings, each ruling a class of devas: one that rules yakkhas, one that rules nagas, one that rules gandhabbas, and one that rules kumbhandas. Ive heard conflicting stories about this, ive once heard that garudas are a type of kumbhanda and thus are under the rule of thier king, and in another ive heard they are not under the jurisdiction of any of the four great kings but are still a type of deva living in that realm or lower.

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