Do you think Shaila Catherine is an arahant?


Shaila Catherine has undergone the difficult and intensive jhana and vipassana meditations under the guidance of Pa Auk Sayadaw. She has been authorized to teach by Pa Auk Sayadaw and is an expert in jhana and vipassana.

So do you think that Shaila Catherine is an arahant, that is, she has totally put an end to ignorance and greed?
I ask myself this question because if she has not been able to be one, then I wonder who can be one, since she has already mastered what is necessary to achieve liberation.
I hope she’s at least a sotapanna…

Thanks in advance

May all beings put an end to passions.

I don’t think anyone in this world can rightly 100% determine another person whether is Arahant or not. Only the Buddha got that capability.

I think it is better to put the focus on ourselves. Some people need to thrive hard to gain maggaphala, but some people can get maggaphala easily. It has something to do with aspiration, merits and perfections that were accumulated since previous lifetimes.

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Thank you, very wise words

I had a quick look at her website.
You can buy one of her online courses for only $190 - and apparently for that bargain price get to have an online chat with her thrown in.
If you are not poor though it is suggested you pay up to $600 for it.

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If you want to speak directly with me I will try to answer any questions you have about Dhamma.
I am free tomorrow, monday and Tuesday.

Just pm a few times that might suit you and we can meet on Zoom.

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Yes, it’s quite disturbing… But I wonder how someone who is an expert in jhâna and vipassana (Pa-Auk style) could be unwise…

That’s very kind, thank you so much for this proposal!!!

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