Degree In Buddhism

Where can I get a Bacherlor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree in classical theravada buddhism?

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You can go to ITBMU… It is free tuition, room and board.
It could be better… but not so bad.

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Will I need to learn Pali?

Yes of course! But they teach you from the beginning level. You also have to work on your own if you want to learn more.

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Will I have to ordain as a monk?

No. You can be a lay person… It is best you start talking with ITBMU directly.
I think the exam for gaining entry in June 2024 is soon… or past… but you can check with the mm embassy.

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I think I will first get a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree in Philosophy. And, only then will I get a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree in classical theravada Buddhism.

I was just asking in years or even a decade advance.

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Learn to study dhammas directly now. Then the Abhidhamma and life are seen as being the same. :slight_smile:


as a person who has spent a huge part of my life on western philosophy, I wouldn’t recommend anything besides Pyrrho, Hume, Heidegger and Husserl, as long as we speak in the context of already having buddhist faith. Be that as it may, various studies can continue to be made as long as your life lasts, and it might become a really bad hindrance for any practice and a source of some kind of very sophisticated craving, so be carefull (I’m already feeling it in my case tho).


Depends on your goal.

I don’t think philosophy requires so much money and time spent in universities, especially the phd part where you wouldn’t want to do a thesis on things you’re not passionate about.

If your goal is enlightenment, none of these matter, just become a monk or a full time dedicated lay practitioner.

If your goal is to become a professor in Buddhism, you don’t need the philosophy parts. You can read up the various books available from your education in Buddhist degrees.

Also, for Buddhist bachelors, sometimes they allow people who already have other degrees to skip it and go to masters. Disadvantage is less time for Pāḷi learning, but really pāḷi learning is mostly self study. I did 3 years of it in bachelor and diploma, only useful thing is I know how to use the dictionary. I wasn’t serious back then. Now I learn on my own, my Pāḷi can be used to read the Vinaya, with some occasional dictionary checking.

Remember, these courses doesn’t really teaches you how to be enlightened, for that, become a monk. Not even Buddhist degrees, it teaches mainly how to teach others. If your goal is to read the whole tipitaka, just do it yourself, university I don’t think will help much.

I am not sure, but I doubt if there’s any university in the world, even for monk university that goes through the whole tipitaka as their class.

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