Cases of the supernatural to strengthen faith

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Lately, under the influence of scientific knowledge, I have been experiencing serious doubts about the existence of that element of consciousness that does not cease with the body, according to the Buddha. According to the teachings of the Dhamma, the element of consciousness is not only to some extent independent of the material basis, but also influences matter. By creating this or that event in the material world in the form of magic, supernatural forces, the action of karma, the action of thought and intention, the manifestation of the presence and action of gods and spirits in the material world; it also manifests itself in supersensible knowledge. That is, this element, if it exists, somehow manifests itself and is realized. I would like to know about cases that cannot be explained otherwise. Especially from respected monks. Thank you.

Rebirth evidence above.

It’s not science which cannot accept consciousness independent of matter, or consciousness affects matter. It’s physicalism philosophy or dualism with assumption of matter can only affect matter and mind can only affect mind.

By direct observation, we can see intention (mind) causes the body to move (matter). And brain damage, alcohol, caffeine, lack of sleep etc, affects the mind.


Dear Nikolay,
Even if you could find someone to vouch for supernatural happenings I think that wouldn’t resolve such doubts.
I think what helps is learning/studying now the element that experiences objects. It is arising again and again and yet we are almost oblivious to it.
It is different from the object of experience. It can be known because it is real. It’s nature is exactly as described in the texts - anicca, dukkha, anatta - but obviously it must take a great of time to truly discern this.

How to have faith in this while we are still beginning to see?
By study, by questioning , by considering and by comparing what is real right now with what is said in the texts. They all align, so it seems to me.
And also it must be understood that it is not my/our understanding- it is instead panna, wisdom, a conditioned dhamma performing its function. And saddha too is merely a conditioned dhamma performing its function.

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Each individual’s experience varies. In my case, this is what helps me, the knowledge that reality is not limited to materialism or biological functions created by evolution (colonies of cells - chemical clusters). It is important for me to know about such evidence, since it is precisely this that I do not encounter personally in my life and, alas, do not see documented by science and society. What you suggested, observing a certain subjective experience in the psyche is very good (when one has already acquired faith or direct knowledge of the Buddha aka tevija), but this experience you described can be explained in other ways, without involving ideas about consciousness that exists in some independence from the body and continues to reproduce itself after the death of this body. What you are talking about can be regarded as a subjective experience of brain activity. And this activity in this representation will disintegrate along with the brain, which we observe, for example, in the case of those who fell into a coma or deep anesthesia - the suppression of brain activity was accompanied by an interruption of subjective experience. Judging by subjective experience alone, we must strongly conclude that consciousness is tightly linked to the activity and integrity of the brain, which must ultimately lead to the annihilationist view. It is for this reason, I think, that the Buddha did not base his teaching only on dry vipassana, but also on samadhi and the ability to see three knowledges, that is, to contemplate the ontological component of samsara. And if this is not possible, then at least rely on faith in what others have seen. And so either direct knowledge based on iddh and jhanas or faith. Vipassana alone is not enough, IMHO, since subjective experience is deceptive. With all due respect to you. Thanks for your reply.

have you seen the rebirth evidences? Also can look up Dean radin’s books: Dean Radin - Wikipedia

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Here in Sri-Lanka, pretas’ activity often occurs. Recently, some young man of a family living nearby our vihara, committed suicide. As a result, he came twice or thrice to his previous family in form of “spirit posession”, demanding various nonsense (pretas are usully deranged), like a smartphone to call (the guy jumped off a bridge over a river, beforehand having finished talking on his phone and having thrown it into river). As the family told us, he even controlled a young girl, and 3 grown men couldn’t stop her for some time, etc. Well, it happens, it’s what I can say.

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Thank you Bhante. Glad to see you and read your comments.
I accept the possibility of such incidents, moreover, I study with interest cases of possession by spirits and cases of memories of past lives. But the problem is that materialists easily attribute such information to some form of psychosis or hallucination. But for example, the movement of objects by the same spirits, or supersensible knowledge cannot be attributed to anything like that.
Have you or your immediate circle witnessed something similar? In short, something that cannot be explained by materialistic models?

Science doesn’t understand consciousness. It’s a complete mystery. Science can never address it, because it’s so subjective. In simple terms you can’t put consciousness into a test tube. What consciousness does show us though is that there is a mental life. That there is an immaterial aspect of life, of the universe.

My upajjhaya has witnessed various happenings like that. All from his words.

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