Can somebody clarify in detail what uddesa, niddesa and Patiniddesa mean?

Also, is there a relationship with this division and Nitattha/Neyyattha division.


Uddesa, Niddesa and Patiniddesa refer to how suttā were written. Uddesa is an “utterance,” Niddesa is a “brief explanation,” and Patiniddesa is explains in detail with examples to clarify complex or “knotty” points. Read this article for more information: Sutta Interpretation – Uddesa, Niddesa, Paṭiniddesa.pdf (335.7 KB)

Nitattha is a statement the meaning of which is “drawn out” (nita-attha), definitive and explicit, taken as its stands, and neyyattha is a statement the meaning of which is “to be drawn out” (neyya-attha) and interpretive.


Thank you very much :pray: