Can one practice vipassana while in jhāna?


The Pa-Auk system states that vipassana cannot be practiced while in jhāna.

The reason given is technical and precise (I really like this ahah): the object of jhana is an unreal concept (nimitta), whereas the object of vipassana is a real object.

To practice jhana, you have to get out of vipassana. And to practice vipassana, you have to get out of jhana.

So I have two questions:

1/ are there any suttas in which the Buddha states quite clearly that you have to come out of jhana to practice vipassana?

2/ AN 9.36 gives me the IMPRESSION of quite clearly affirming that one can practice vipassana while being in jhāna. With regard to this sutta, how does Pa-Auk argue against this impression?

May the Sangha be preserved from the dangers of the form.

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Impossible to have moments of vipassana in mundane jhana. The jhana cittas are taking one object repeatedly.