Can a stream winner be depressed or have anxiety disorder?

Can a stream winner be depressed or have anxiety disorder?

For the point of view that these are disorders due to chemical imbalance in the brain, maybe the answer would be yes.

But then arahants might have these disorders then, and it doesn’t make sense as mental suffering is supposed to be eradicated by arahants.


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Of course an arahat could never have any anxiety or depression - they have uprooted all defilements.

There are a few examples of ariyas below anagami like Visakha who cried after her grandchild died. And the daughter of Anathapindika who was unable to eat due to her disappointment in not finding a suitor.

or Mahanama:

“Lord, this Kapilavatthu is rich & prosperous, populous & crowded, its alleys congested. Sometimes, when I enter Kapilavatthu in the evening after visiting with the Blessed One or with the monks who inspire the mind, I meet up with a runaway elephant, a runaway horse, a runaway chariot, a runaway cart, or a runaway person. At times like that my mindfulness with regard to the Blessed One gets muddled, my mindfulness with regard to the Dhamma… the Sangha gets muddled. The thought occurs to me, 'If I were to die at this moment, what would be my destination? What would be my future course?”

They had all uprooted wrong view and have absolute confidence in the Dhamma. But they still have avijja and dosa and lobha - thus when conditions are right such things can happen.