Burmese Samatha

Apart from Pa Auk what other Burmese meditation masters teach samatha?

The Mahasi tradition teaches samatha. But usually not for beginners, but for advanced students.

Dipa ma learned at a mahasi center.
There was once the Tangpulu Sayadaw who taught 32 parts. I’m not sure what else he taught.
However, Tangpulu Sayadaw has long since passed away, and I’m not sure if there are any disciples who teach who also follow the basic morality of a monk.

Remember that Sīla is a prerequisite for jhāna or any progress or any attainments including the attainment of Nibbāna. So when you find a practice monastery and they use money, that will answer your question on how authentic the teachers are (to a very superficial rudimentary degree). The practice of not handling money does not mean the attainments are real. However, it is the most basic requisite for any attainment. Since most monks use money, you can weed out all the bad practitioners who reject the commonly known saying:

sīla leads to samādhi and samādhi leads paññā.

After a few evaluations, you will see that there is only Pa-Auk and or disciples of pa-auk in the monk realm of Myanmar.

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