Buddhist opinion about Gambling

May I have a question, Bhante,
In my perception, gambling is really a bad deed, as it can be the root of other evils as much as drinking alcohol can.
Surprisingly Not gambling is not included in the basic 5 or 8 precepts.
Is there any sutta that Budha criticize gambling, Bhante?
In Vietnam, after every football season, thousands of people had to sell their house or suicide due to gambling.
Thank you very much, Bhante

26. Parābhavasuttaṁ
The Discourse on Ruin

“Iti hetaṁ vijānāma, sattamo so parābhavo.
“Indeed it is so, this we know, this is the seventh ruin (of man).

Aṭṭhamaṁ Bhagavā brūhi, kiṁ parābhavato mukhaṁ?” [15]
Please tell us, Fortunate One, what is the eighth cause of ruin?”

“Itthidhutto, surādhutto, akkhadhutto ca yo naro,
“That man who is a womanizer, a drunkard, and a gambler,

laddhaṁ laddhaṁ vināseti, taṁ parābhavato mukhaṁ.” [16]
who destroys whatever is gained, that is a cause of ruination.”

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Thank you very much, Bhante. I find the answer very much informative for me!!!