Buddhadust Website


This Buddhadust website created by Mike Olds has a lot of useful things on it. There will be “controversy” when you read his own Sutta OBO or MO translations, but they are thought provoking and there is definitely a sense of style that matches the picture at the top of this post. While I do not recommend his translations as a first exposure to the Suttas, he might feel the same way too. Nevertheless, they are quite interesting and a joy to read. He is a Suttanta person, but he has made a great contribution with his website.

The real meat of his website is his Sutta section.
Here you will find his detailed poetically arranged edits for both the Pāḷi and the English PTS translations. The triple dots are removed (…pe…) and they can help one practice while reading instead of zipping through the repititions.

If you click on the link above, you will see the picture below.
The picture below will be the different translations you can look at.
The top line is a link to the actual Pāḷi which is also “rolled out” (no …pe…).
Only the PTS and Pāḷi are rolled out. The other translations are the same as you have seen before.


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