Bodhi Tree: How to pay homage according to Theravada tradition

How to properly pay homage to a Bodhi Tree (a big flourishing Bodhi Tree and a small altar housing Buddharupa in front of it) in Theravada temple?

I used to circumambulate the Tree three times, keep the Tree at my right side, and chant in small voice or in heart: “Namo Buddhaya, Namo Dhammaya, Namo Sanghaya.” Is this okay?

What is the correct way to do?

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I think the bodhi tree that should be given homage is the one in bodh gaya since it it directly associated with the Buddha.

In modern times it might be even possible to pay homage to it remotely using vr.

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I agree. Although the current one in Bodhgaya is not the original tree.

This is incorrect. Any bodhi tree can be used as a symbol of the original bodhi tree.

If one have such a view and cut a bodhi tree that is worshipped by people, he must have to suffer in hells.

The atthakata says it.

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The atthakata wrote it does not mean it is right. We need to use logic. Do all bodhi tree in the world suddenly become sacred. It does not make sense.

Paying home to a tree would be certain not of much benefit, but if reflecting the efforts and fruits of the Sublime Buddha, “seeing one sitting under it”, being reminded on work, path, than such devotion can bear great fruits, good householder.

I think there is no strict method laid down.

Some people circumambulate three times, some nine times in dedicated pujas.

Some chant Gathas while paying homage, some set of long Gathas.

More faithful ones start by cleaning the compound and the altar, then by pouring water to the root of the Bhodhi tree usually by 7 pots or 21 pots while circumambulating.

Is this your position? Then what do you expect by classical forum-conversations?

Did you mean bodhi tree or just another tree?

FYI, the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Tree in Anuradhapura It is the oldest living human-planted tree in the world with a known planting date and is more than 2300 years old now.
I tend to believe about pagodas & trees, that fake or real that the devas will protect and deliver the relics to places of worship and faith. For this reason I really love Swedagon Pagoda but I also love even the fake tooth pagoda in Myangon, near to ITBMU.

A friend of mine (now disrobed) initiated the building of 2 pagodas with his family. Shortly after that relics started appearing in an empty casket he had. He got more caskets and more relics appeared. He had over 400 of these magical relics. I have about 5 of them. I never believed this story about relics appearing until it was my own friend who told me.

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Thank you for the comments.

I think worshipping Bodhi Tree (as a symbol of Lord Buddha’s Enlightenment) is very beneficial to my practice. Even Arahant Mahinda Thera also pay homage to the sacred Bodhi Tree, why shouldn’t I?