Asubha Bhavana & Four Elements

I have been thinking of practising Asubha and Four elements. Anyone with some insight could be of great help. Any references or links which can be helpful will be highly appreciated.


Welcome Sandeep!,

The Path of Purification has a whole section on the aubha meditation.
The 4 Elements per suttanta merely focuses on the body parts described in 32 parts
Plus Fire and Air Element Plus space element. You can find that in the mahārahulaovādasutta

There are also the 9 Channel Ground meditation, and skeleton meditation.
When one makes use of the 4 requisites, one can also contemplate the disgusting nature… For instance, you need to wash your robes or they will smell, The chewed food in your stomach, and what comes out later, cleaning the kuṭi and the need for medicine and that happens after death to the body.

4 elements according to the commentaries, which is also virtually an unknown starting point for pa-auk method, can be seen in the book Mindfulnes of Breathing and the 4 elements

If you need any specific details after looking at the sources, please ask here.

Thank you Bhante

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