Are these luxurious and high seats?


In these two images, we see Pa Auk Sayadaw sitting on rather beautiful (one of them even has carvings) and seemingly comfortable seats. Does this violate the precept that one should not sit on high, luxurious seats? This would seem very strange coming from Pa Auk Sayadaw, so I’m taking the liberty of asking this question to clear up my doubts straight away, as I feel there’s something I haven’t quite understood with the precept.

Thanks in advance

May the Dhamma be preserved for a long time.

When giving a dhamma talk, there are allowances. It is perfectly allowable by vinaya.


Thank you very much for these reassuring words Bhante, it strengthens my faith. Please do you remember the verse you are referring to? Thank you again for your help.

Maybe the reference is 2.9. But I don’t know how far that justifies the teacher’s chair being better than the one in the audience, so I’m not sure how much better the chair is allowed to be.

sekhiya 69

“na nīce āsane nisīditvā ucce āsane nisinnassa agilānassa dhammaṃ desessāmīti sikkhā karaṇīyā.”

Not to teach the dhamma to someone sitting at a higher level (unless he is ill).


Thanks a lot Venerable, you’re super nice!