Alcohol poll at the Mahayana forum

It’s interesting that there is no “complete abstention” option at this poll:

Perhaps complete abstention from alcohol is not that common among Mahayanists?

edited for typo, forgot to put “no”

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According to some forms of Tibetan Buddhism, its ok to drink alcohol. It’s justified on the basis of some of their Tantra and Yogācāra Abhidharma.

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Milarepa’s teacher “Marpa” was said to be drunk on “chang” (beer) often in the milarepa book I read by Evans Wentz in the 90’s (if my memory is correct). There was also a famous Tibetan teacher who was famous for drinking heavy hard alcohol as fast as if it were water . I forget the name and don’t feel like looking it up.

Okay I googled “Who was the tibetan teacher who drank a lot of alcohol”
Chögyam Trungpa
Yup… that’s the one. Funny that Google can find this “teacher” by this search query… #1 spot points to wikipedia.

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