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(As limited in being given to post on proper place or new topic, written here, to be splitt then maybe)

Okasa Bhante,

Nyom, Nyom,

it would be good to have a “Sadhu”, approve, smile as like-symbol as well a “Thanks”. While there isn’t much a problem for most of the Buddhaparisa here to use the folded hands as symbol, it not proper for Monks to do such by such bodily/form ways, like folding hands when a lay person speaks Dhamma, yet total proper and helpful to give an Approve or Anumodana by “Sadhu”. Love/heart doesn’t serve well either here, not to speak from showing even emotions or laughings, teeth, for those keeping Vinaya.

“Thanks” is good to appreciate personal giving, especially under each relations.

If you hover over the heart, you will see “emojis”. You can use the “sadhu” :pray:hands in prayer position. Others are available as well.