Abhidhamma Book Comparing Abhidhamma and Computers

I wrote a book on Abhidhamma called Abhidhamma Lessons and related it to computer technology. It is easy to follow for beginners and takes a different approach for introducing key abhidhamma concepts that are often not explicitly taught.

I hope you enjoy it.
It is still work in progress but not much has been done since 2015.


Nice for helping those who understand computing (even at the beginner level) relate to the processes in Abhidhamma.


Thank you, Bhante. Really appreciate it. This is easier for us laymen to grasp the meaning and logic of Abhidhamma teachings.


The following is a comment I received when I posted the link to your book on Reddit.


As a programmer, I’m definitely intrigued by this. Thank you for sharing!

It seems like many famous western monks (like Ajahn Brahm and Ajahn Sona) are very opposed to the abhidamma for being “too technical” and more of an intellectual curiosity for monks rather than a real teaching aide for laypeople. But the “technical” aspect of abhidhamma is very interesting to me, because I sometimes find that reading the suttas require a lot of unspoken context that I don’t have yet.

I appreciate your perspective, and as a fledgling computer scientist I’m certainly open to the comparison you’ve established.

Many thanks, bhante!

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