“A text without a context is a pretext for a proof text”

Actually in many cases, the text-critical approach tends to ignore the context and interpret the words. It is one of the weaknesses in this approach that any mature one can easily notice.

Even the monks who have a yogacara bent (Bhikkhu Nanananda, Analayo etc.) seems define meanings of the words ignoring the context. For an instance they define the meaning of “Nama” in Pancakkhanda, in the same way as in Paticcasamuppada, but the Atthakata defines the meaning depend on the context.

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I think that they are just searching for keywords without really knowing what they are talking about. Furthermore, they are only looking in the mula texts.

Vipassana is satipaṭṭhānā and it is mentioned easily in the commentary many times as “vipassanaṃ”

Furthermore, one should also take into the account of the
anattalakkhana and āditta suttas found in the mahavagga.

even diṭṭhadhammā means so much. I really see how easy it is for people to make mistakes and wrong conclusions.