A Post Topic on The Pātimokkha

Here is a post I wrote describing what the Pātimokkha is. There is quite a bit of information, but most anything you write about “general vinaya” will be incomplete. This should be better than the current Wikipedia Pātimokkha article which is quite weak.

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From the article
“Since most monks use money, most monasteries rarely recite the Pātimokkha. If they do, it is only during the Rainy season. If they do recite it during Rainy Season, they usually stop reciting just before the section on Nissaggya.”

This is surprising!

When I first learned this… yes… me too.
I was at ITBMU and we had to drive 45 minutes to find a full patiomkkha recitation outside of Rainy Season. Varanasi Monastery and Yaw Sayadaw’s (tipitakadhara) monastery. Nearly all monks except for the saydaw use money. But that is the rule the sayadaw set up. Varanasi Monastery is good. They all don’t use money.

We walked to many neighboring monasteries to find a place that did the 25% run. We could not find any that did the patiomkkha. One or two said they did it, but it was not believable. Sadhammaramsi monastery which is only 2 miles away, does only 4 parajika and then stops there. I remember one of our monks snickered aloud when they first shortened it to parajika only. It was unbelievable. On the other hand, at least they still did it. I think they did even that much because we were visiting for this purpose. It was once known as a vinaya monastery when the Sadhammaramsi Sayadaw was alive.