A Monastery with No Modern Devices Whatsoever

I would like to ask, if anyone here have some informations about monasteries, where monks … don’t use modern technologies like phones, internet etc.

In Wat Pah Nanachat monks don’t use internet, phones, money, hot water, eat once etc. … Very simple and inspiring life.

Third one:
Given that, this refraining from using modern technologies is a good austere practice,
it is not the main priority when it comes to choosing or valuing a monastery.

“Sakkā kho, āvuso, imehi pañcahi vatthūhi samaṇassa gotamassa saṅghabhedo kātuṁ cakkabhedo. Lūkhappasannā hi, āvuso, manussā”ti.

Kokālika said, “It might be possible to create a schism in the Sangha with these five points, for people have confidence in austerity.
Schism in the Sangha

Proper View, Dhamma and Vinaya comes ahead.

“Cattārome, bhikkhave, puggalā santo saṁvijjamānā lokasmiṁ. Katame cattāro? Rūpappamāṇo rūpappasanno, ghosappamāṇo ghosappasanno, lūkhappamāṇo lūkhappasanno, dhammappamāṇo dhammappasanno

“Mendicants, these four people are found in the world.
What four? There are those whose estimation of and confidence in others is based on appearance, on eloquence, on mortification, and on principle.

And as a direct answer to the question, I found the following ideal monastery.


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