Is this how kamma and effect work?

If I do something dirty to others ,dirty will happen to me m sure about that …but will that same person going do dirty against me when the chance come in future birth??..and exactly i am going to face same situation which I had created for him?

As buddha have told. If you beat someone ur this or coming future life will be unhealthy. But will i going to recieve beating also? From same person or other person???

Also I think there is chance that that person will keep some bad feeling for me either revange or hate …or may me he try to keep upekha for me. In such situations if we meet in next birth may be in first meet such feeling will aroused in both of us and we behave acordingly.

There are two cases i see in suttapitaka.
As devdatta kept hate for buddha in every life . He used to harm buddha in every life. Till he changed in his devdatta life that to when death was near
Second is mogalanna. As he beaten his parents in past life …he faced beating in this life…but in this life he didn’t recieved bad health but received beating from other person.

In case of mogalanna I want to ask more. I do not understand why karma worked like that …or I want to say it doesn’t make any sense how karma worked there…he had beaten his parents. So the thing happened between those three individuals he and his parents. I know he lie to his parents that thief’s have beaten them…so when result happened same situation he faced…

but how this chitta chetasika made other person to beat him. I think they(murderers )should also have hate for him in any privious life. Otherwise they can’t beat him just because as a result of mogalannas bad kamma. I think they are able to beat him is result of his bad kamma .

I think what other person do to us is not result of our kamma …but how that situation affect us mentally and physically. At what extent it affects us is actually result of our kamma.

If I have joined some work place and people hate me there do groupism against me is not result of my kamma. It’s there habit right. Or do I actually did some dirty or sabotaged them in previous life that’s why they are behaving with me like this…? I actually do not understand…same way is class bullies do bullying just because they had face bullying form other person in there privious life …or they are born with hate dominant chittas?

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The result of kamma is arising every second. Like the visible object now, the sound , the taste or touch.

Some results are very desirable and some undesirable.
Some it is hard to tell which they are.


I don’t mean to be rude. But, please, edit what you’ve written carefully. Your English is making my head hurt and it’s not just this post either.

Also, kamma is not exactly 1:1 result, you may view it in a momentary sense to understand how complicated it really is.

Praised be the blessed one, the buddha.

May all beings be happy and beautiful.

Well I will use gramer checker next time…
U can simply say it …u did over react…
But I will send metta …love and compassion towards you…

May all beings be happy…metta …
Metta .metta… Metta…

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It’s simply better for this whole community if you use a grammar checker from now on.

I truly didn’t mean to be rude. But, it seems that what I’ve said didn’t exactly have the results that I thought it would have.

I truly apologize as I realize that you have been hurt, whether you admit it or not. I am really sorry. It’s just that when I was replying to you I was in a fiery mood, not exactly in an angry sort of way but rather in a self-righteous way.

You are correct that I overreacted. And, for that, once again, I apologize to you.

We are not enemies, we both are part of this hidden gem of a community.

A third time, I apologize to you. But, don’t go saying that I am being overly dramatic now, you know, hahaha.

Ok .dear…

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