How can I delete my account?

I’ve become an annoying, disruptive rule waving user on this forum, and have decided it’s best for everyone if I apologize, and delete my account. How can this be done?

Sorry everybody! Much metta!

I think you should stay; you seem to get a lot out of this forum. Just try loosening your expectations and being more patient with folks that may not understand the culture of this place and I think you’ll suffer less stress when other people have different ideas of what is appropriate. This seems like a great opportunity for putting everything you’re learning into real practice.

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i don’t think it is possible to delete. I can anonymize the account though
You are both welcome to stay. I don’t really read long posts, so i don’t know the whole story. However the problems will follow you wherever you go, especially dhammwheel. Best to just work them out here. If you do work them out, you will probably stay anyway.


I think I’d like to stay, as long as I’m not ruining the experience for Zans.

If I do though, I think I will wind up compiling quite a post to provide a coherent response to the thoughts given on direct realism. I need to do some research on the Abhidhamma scholarship side of it, but I feel confident in giving a coherent and universal response to the topic, including the errors in thinking some of the quoted scholars have made. I might start with a master post that provides the direction I’m going in and then give my evaluations on the Abhidhamma scholarship in a later post when it’s ready.

If I compile this post it’s in good faith…I’m just unsure whether it’s skillful means given the state of mind Zans has expressed. Skillful means seems to be being useful at the expense of being right…almost by definition.

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Okay, thanks anyway, Venerable. I will simply stay, and change my useage of the site to accord with how it seems it works. Please read the user Philosophy’s proposal for a new thread above for an understanding of my previous issue, that I now see was a misinterpretation of the sites rules on my part: he has previously, and in the future intends to write posts refuting CT scholars, like Y Karunadasa, because he believes CT is not realism. I thought this is against the rules for this site, and it seemed the rules are not enforced. This is no different than dhammawheel. If this is just how it is though, I’ll happily admit I simply misunderstood the rules. Apologies about that, I thought I was following the rules correctly.

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Seems I misunderstood the rules! You read them, can you blame me? They sound like we’re not supposed to post stuff like that, and are supposed to support and defend CT orthodoxy, so I was trying to follow them by supporting CT orthodoxy, and suggesting you do, too. Clearly I was completely wrong, and that’s not at all what the rules mean.

Doesn’t seem to be any rules against what you post. I won’t argue with you in the future, because I was only doing so due to misunderstanding the rules lol!

I hope you can accept my apology?

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I think the better approach would be to relax. The general thing about rules in most communities (that aren’t monastic) is that they’re there to provide justification to correct unruly folks. And even in the case of the Buddha rules weren’t added until “certain defilements appeared in the Sangha.” Unless there’s really a problem then it doesn’t matter so much.

I think when you post a topic you’re going to get arguments for and against. I think for your peace of mind, expect to have for and against happen on any topic. I’m isolated from other Buddhists completely in my location, and so I’m not familiar with the intricacies of cultural differences between Theravada branches beyond what Bhante Subhuti’s blog has provided, but even within CT, as any culture, I imagine there to still be a wide range of views .

My understanding of Abhidhamma is that dhammas are perceptual objects and their appearance is divided into mind-moments. Like I said, I’ll have to dig a bit more into that to fully present my case, but since the topic of realism/antirealism was brought up, and it’s one I’m extremely familiar with the ins and outs of, I’d love to share my experience on that. I spent 18 years of my life, including 4 years of homelessness, just hammering away at that topic.

I’m not even sure if realism/antirealism is a CT topic tbh. The Buddha may not have ever considered it and we’re all interpreting the Dhamma through a Western lens and the later Mahayana/Yogacara interpretations.

I’ll do some reading and get back to you on this in the other posts, but what I’m suggesting is to put this situation into practice, stay with the feelings, but also try to let go of being attached to a specific way. Idk, I’m trying to be helpful since I was the catalyst that seemed to trigger this whole situation.

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Yeah exactly. Write the post, sounds interesting, I look forward to reading it with an open, non CT mindset :slight_smile:

Alright. It’ll be a series. I know what I want to write for the opening. There’s some key concepts to flesh out. After that I’ll update it as I do more research.

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Awesome, sounds promising.

The rules are written to give the moderators discretionary power and they are more or less up to the moderators to enforce.

I think if we all post directly quoted material and then discuss things around those referenced items, we will all be very content with the results.

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Thank you, Venerable, for clarifying. I see my error. Apologies for my confusion.

When are you going to write this?