Atthasalini Passage

I’m having trouble understanding this passage in the Atthasalini. Could someone explain what is meant? Thanks


A whole page is not a passage.

The paragraph beginning with “ignorance” can be excluded, so I’m referencing the previous passage. Apologies for not making that clear. Nit-picking aside, do you have any views on the text in question?

This is typical of the commentaries where a single term (name) is defined as different things, in this case

  1. The four aggregates are name-making because they can only be perceived by the 6th sense or the mind (due to lack of form), and the mind depends on name to identify things, whereas rupa can be identified by the five senses
  2. The four aggregates are name as in bending towards on object, for example when one see something, perception, feeling, consciousness, and mental formations all bend towards that sight object
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I’ll type out the passage in full sometime this week Bhante, and then will delete the picture.